Pooh Years Eve

5… 4… 3… TWO… 1…

#FridayFlush – Puddle Of Mud

Well, not really a puddle of mud… More like a few logs

Roller Coaster

The loop de loop aka the poop de poop

Traffic Jam

Looks likes the tunnel exit is clogged. Better take the detour…

The Four Musketeers

It’s like they’re guarding the forbidden passageway

Boxing Day Clearance

Everything must go… Literally.

All I Want For Christmas Is Pooh

Gold, Frankincense, and Pooh

#FridayFlush – Bye Bye Poopie

Flushing is music to my ears


Lil’ pooh

One Year Left To Pooh

Dec 21 2012 is now only one year away. May you and your poops have the time of your life.


Looks like the head of an asparagus. Don’t eat it though, it will make your pooh stink…

Back To Work

Just another day back at the office.

This Little Piggy Went To The Toilet

Looks like a pig lying down about to be consumed by the dark void.

Seal Sex

Looks like that right turd is tryin to mount the left turd.

Guess Who’s Back?

My pooh is back. Finally… but this shit looks like a glazed meatloaf

Bottom Floaters

This has been a messed up week with 3 consecutive dumps looking extremely similar. I’m drinking prune juice for the rest of the day I see what happens tomorrow.

Déjà Pooh

Seriously WTF? 2 days in a row I take the same looking shit. Is my poop stuck in the matrix ?

Easter Island

Looks like one of the Moai from Easter Island.

Ghost Pooh

To be or not to be, that is the question.

Couples Night

Awwww look at the cutie poopies cuddle with each other.

#FridayFlush – Toilet Time Machine 2

“It’s your kids Marty! Something’s gotta be done about your kids!” Who knew Marty’s kids were gonna be brown…

Dead Weight

Another bottom floater. What have I been eating this week… platinum?

Hide & Seek

I hate it when you miss out on all the fun… Look like Super Mario’s Shoes

That’s it!?

Today I ate a sour patch kid.

The Monday After

This was a relief to get out of me.

The Wrap Around

2 words……. Gross.

This is my own shit and I’m disgusted by its overall size. We’re looking at a minimum 14-16″ plus the hidden head which could very well be touching the sewer.

This shit is to me what Beethoven’s 5th was to him… My Masterpiece!

Captain Hook

It’s kinda got that funny angle to it. Rufeo Rufeo Rufeooooooooo

#FridayFlush – Toilet Time Machine

This toilet has the power to travel back in time. Shout outs to Doc Brown for making it happen with his “flush” capacitor.

In The Beginning…

Here’s the first delivery… check out the 10 inch pube in the back.