#FridayFlush – Gotta Get Brown On Friday

It’s Friday… Friday… Gotta get brown on Friday…
Dump Dump Dump Dump, Lookin’ forward to the weekend.

#FridayFlush – Royal Flush

10. Jack. Queen. King. Ace. Fart.

#FridayFlush – Flush It Real Good

This website is stupid.

#FridayFlush – Left Behind

At least they have each other

#FridayFlush – Chunky Soup

We got a whole bunch of ingredients up in this soup

#FridayFlush – Puddle Of Mud

Well, not really a puddle of mud… More like a few logs

#FridayFlush – Bye Bye Poopie

Flushing is music to my ears

#FridayFlush – Toilet Time Machine 2

“It’s your kids Marty! Something’s gotta be done about your kids!” Who knew Marty’s kids were gonna be brown…

#FridayFlush – Toilet Time Machine

This toilet has the power to travel back in time. Shout outs to Doc Brown for making it happen with his “flush” capacitor.