Super Bowl

I was hoping The Cleveland Browns were playing this year, then I could say “I’m taking the Cleveland Browns to the Super Bowl”

It feels right that I finish this season of the Pooh Blog on the Super Bowl, with that being said here is the Golden Bowl Award.

Shitty Saturday

Check out the skid marks bro.

Brownhog Day

I keep shitting the same dump over and over again.

Black History Month

Salute to all brown pieces of shit out there.

Goodbye January

Another month gone, another poop gone…

Poop Soup

Mmmm so meaty.

The Pro Bowl

Nobody watches the Pro Bowl

The Cosby Show

Yeah. I went there.

Don’t Forget To Dot Your I

Practice makes perfect.

Full Bowl

Ain’t that some shit.

Tuesday’s Turd

Shit, that piece on the left looks like a piece of shrimp

Poopin In A Perect World

Keep on dreamin of Poopin in a Perfect World


Whoever wins today is going to the Superbowl, and you know what I mean when I say Superbowl…

Shitty Saturday

Gotta love the weekend.

Shit Happens

That straight up looks like a dick made out of shit bro.

Humty Dumpty

..sat on the the toilet

Clogged Pipes

Get the plunger…

2 Scoops Of Raisins

Raisin brain actually helped me evacuate this.

Hangin’ With Mr. Pooper

Just like the TV show, it was starring a brown piece of shit.


Just some friends hangin out

Two Nugs

Just chillin’ out.

Kibble N Bits

Don’t let your dog drink outta the toilet.

Fingers Crossed

I don’t know why my pooh fingers are crossed.


Kinda like goldfinger but brown.

Rise Of The Cobra

Both the movie and this toilet bowl have something in common…
they’re both shitty.

Pee And Pooh, So Happy Together

Just like the song Happy Together, I think this kid also likes turtles

Lil’ Nug


Pooh Party

“Marco… Polo… Shit outta water!”

Happy Pooh Year

2012… Oh Shit